Four Day Week Launches Today in Ireland

A new pilot programme for employers to test the effectiveness of a four-day working week for staff (with no loss of pay) launched today in Ireland. 

This is part of the 'better4everyone' campaign from Four Day Week Ireland. It is expected to last for six months, with the goal of leading to a better work/life balance and increased productivity.  

This will not necessarily mean a three-day weekend, but rather adopting new working arrangements that allow businesses to stay open 5 days a week, or longer, allowing every employee to have a shorter working week.  

Companies who take part will receive support, training and mentoring on how to ensure the transition to a four-day week happens smoothly.  

One Irish company ‘3D Issue’ has already implemented the four-day working week in 2020 after staff chose the initiative over a 20% pay rise. This has proved to be successful, with increased job satisfaction and productivity, while also reducing turnover.  

Although the programme launched today, the pilot will begin in January, with companies in the US, UK and New Zealand also taking part.

Written by Michelle Young