PHP is one of the most favoured server-side scripting languages known for its simplicity. It is the language of choice for web development with almost 80% of all the existing websites breathing on PHP code. It would be next to impossible to build on raw PHP code alone, hence why the PHP framework ecosystem is so diverse. So, why use a framework? They provide the customers a fundamental structure. Frameworks offer ready to use components, libraries, and enforce proven architecture. Simply put, PHP frameworks make web development fun and make you more productive.
Recruiters and hiring managers read through dozens of CV’s a day. So, if you are applying for your dream job you really need to make sure you stand out. One way to do this is, avoiding clichéd words and phrases at all costs! You don’t want to come across as unimaginative and boring. OK, great, you’re proactive…but how? You’re hard working, reliable and honest. Well, we should like to think so. What would the alternatives be? Lazy? Untrustworthy? Unreliable? You have a limited amount of space to really show the recruiters and hiring manager why you should go through to the next round.