If you are starting out in the field of Software Development, or looking to expand your portfolio of programming languages, it can be difficult to choose which programming language to learn, with hundreds to choose from. To make this decision somewhat easier, here are some of the most popular programming languages in 2021, in no particular order...
With Corporation Tax currently sitting at 12.5%, it’s no surprise that Ireland is booming with Tech companies. But there is more to choosing Ireland than to simply avail of the current low corporate tax rates. With opportunities at every doorstep, why should you pick your next tech role in Ireland?
A new pilot programme for employers to test the effectiveness of a four-day working week for staff (with no loss of pay) launched today in Ireland. This is part of the 'better4everyone' campaign from Four Day Week Ireland. It is expected to last for six months, with the goal of leading to a better work/life balance and increased productivity.