Thinking of a career change? Now more than ever, the need for cyber security professionals is at an all-time high. With the ongoing threat of cyber-attacks in an ever changing digital world tainted with cybercrime, it is vital that businesses take measures to make their organisations secure. But how do you know if a role in cyber security is for you?


By 2025, it is estimated that cyber-attacks will rise to the cost of $10+ trillion globally, signalling a critical need for cyber security professionals to step in. By 2022, the skills gap in the cyber security industry is to reach a peak of 1.5+ million unfilled roles, resulting in lots of opportunities in the cyber security job market. Employers in this field struggle to find candidates to fill positions needed for their business, which is where you come in. A cyber security role can be ideal for you if you find yourself struggling for openings in your current field.


The average salary of a Cyber Security Engineer in Ireland currently sits at €60-105k and £60k in the UK. This would be quite high in comparison to other salaries in the technology sector, due to the overwhelming demand for Cyber Security professionals in the field.


Technology is fast-paced and always changing. Cyber Security is versatile and always has to adapt to new technologies and challenges. New challenges provides new puzzles to solve, new defences to produce, and new risks to protect against. If you are looking for fresh opportunities to face tough, unexpected challenges, then a role in cyber security is perfect for you.

The future is digital

A cyber security breach not only signals a massive financial loss for the business, but also results in legal battles. If information about your clients has been stolen, this highlights a negligence in GDPR, resulting in potential fines for the business. It also results in reputational damage, in which clients will be unlikely to work with you in future if they believe your security has been compromised. Therefore, there will always be roles in Cyber Security, both now and in the future. If you are looking for a role that is long-term, reliable and is always growing, Cyber Security is the way to go.

To conclude, with the emergence of new technologies comes new threats along with them. There will always be an increasing demand for cyber security roles. If you love keeping up with a digital world and taking on a challenge with a great salary, a role in cyber security is for you. Get in touch with Peter (Permanent) or Gavin (Contract) to discuss their current Cyber Security, Audit and Risk roles in Ireland.

Written By: Emma Mitchell


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