In the last 10 years, contract work has become more popular. Companies are undertaking more short-term, specialised projects that does not require permanent employees, and professionals are preferring more control over the number of days worked and the projects they are completing.

If you are considering becoming a contractor, what are some of the main benefits?

1. Highly skilled

Contractors will quickly become highly skilled in their field due to the number of projects they complete in a short space of time and the variety of companies/industries they work in. 

2. Earning potential

Employers may need these highly skilled professionals to complete a project, therefore they are willing to pay a higher daily rate for them. For example, a Java Developer Contractor in Dublin should earn on average €500 per day.

3. Flexibility

Contracting allows professionals to organise their work around their life and not the other way round. Contractors choose which projects they would like to work on and the companies/industries they would like to work in.

They also have the ability to choose how much time off they would like. Once one contract ends, they can either move onto another contract straight away or take some time off.

4. Variety

Contracts normally last between 6-12 months, therefore contractors can complete several projects in a short space of time, resulting in a lot of variety in their work and a fast paced environment.


If you have any questions about how to become a contractor in Ireland, contact a member of our team on +353 1 571 3000. We can provide you advice and insight into the opportunities that are currently available. Alternatively, you can visit our jobs page.

Written by Michelle Young 


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