‘Work-life balance’ may sound like something from a fairy tale. That mythical idea that you always hear about but never seem to be able to achieve. However, if you want balance you have to force yourself to do it because it isn’t something that happens on its own. A good work/life balance is possible and of incredible benefit, both professionally and personally.
Having a properly crafted CV is an essential part of landing your dream job. Of course, your CV alone will not land you the job, but it will help you to get your foot in the door. Therefore, it’s important that you attend to your CV with the same level of care and attention that you would for any other part of the job seeking process. To help you make sure that your CV is everything that it should be, we thought we’d offer some basic tips for you to keep in mind.
You have decided to make that all important move to Ireland and got yourself a job in Dublin, otherwise known as the European Silicon Valley. You have prepared yourself by reading guides on relocating to Ireland and you can speak fluent English. However, when you arrive in Ireland you have no idea what people are saying and the slang that people are using!