You may offer a potential new hire a competitive salary that could be enough to get them through the door. But how do you keep and retain employees? What is going to stop them from leaving and moving to a competitor who offers a higher wage? You need to offer some sort of perk that will build loyalty between the employee and employer. These benefits aren’t going to make or break your company, they are going to show your employees that you value them. With this in mind, Reperio looked at four benefits you will see as a result of company incentives.
The idea of ‘company culture’ has become a crucial aspect of the job searching process. For millennials, it has become as important as wages. Therefore, companies are turning to social media to put a face to the big brand names and show the world what life is like behind the scenes.
Contract employees provide flexibility to a workforce. For example, if a project goes on hold or is less cumbersome than expected, you can simply reduce your workforce and you will no longer have to pay for this member of staff. On the other hand, if you suddenly require more employees for a big project, you can hire these employees on short notice and without the lengthy requirements of the permanent recruitment process.