At the beginning of 2020, no one would have predicted just how much of an impact that COVID-19 was going to have on every aspect of our lives, including our working lives. It is clear that the ‘normal’ workplace we remember pre COVID-19 will not be returning anytime soon. So, what sort of changes are we likely to expect?
As the spread of coronavirus continues throughout the world, the number of companies who are now working remotely has increased substantially. As a result, the use of video conferencing platforms has also increased to allow colleagues to communicate and conduct virtual meetings. It is important that companies choose the most suitable video conferencing platform for their needs so that they can communicate efficiently.
There was significant hype surrounding the fifth generation of wireless in 2019, and it has been described as the greatest wave of innovation since the creation of the internet. In 2020, 5G is predicted to become more widely used and bring with it the advancement in cloud computing in the form of edge computing, the mainstream use of IoT devices in smart cities and autonomous vehicles, and 10 times higher internet speeds compared to 4G.