The tech industry in Ireland is booming and showing no signs of slowing down. Recent research suggests that 72,864 new job openings will become available in Ireland by 2022 for people with high-level IT skills.
In 2018, the world experienced several large-scale data breaches including Mariott Hotels having their guest information copied and stolen, affecting 500 million people and Google+ exposing the personal profile data of 52.5 million users. With the introduction of GDPR in May, 2019 will see more severe consequences for companies who do not handle their data in the appropriate manner.
“Over the last two decades, Ireland has built a global reputation for being a leader in cybersecurity”, explains Misha Glenny, security expert. The world’s leading security software companies are well-established in Ireland including Symantec, McAfee, IBM and Ward Solutions. Alongside these multinationals, Ireland’s own cyber firms have emerged as international players, such as Dublin’s PixAlert, Galway’s NetFort and Kilkenny’s CipherTechs.