When COVID-19 was announced as a global pandemic, there was a rush to get employees prepared for working from home. As a result of this rush, security considerations for remote working took a back seat for many companies. It is only now that the dust has settled and people are accustomed to working from home that security issues are coming to light. So how can security be improved when working remotely?
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the global economy. Entire workforces are now working from home, recruitment & hiring has been put on hold for some companies and a lot of people have lost their jobs. What is the situation like in Ireland at the moment? 
There are several programming languages on the market and the popularity of these varies every year.   If you are thinking about learning your first programming language or want to add to your portfolio, we have put together a list of  the top 10 best programming languages to learn in 2020, in no particular order.