When writing up your CV or updating your Linked In account, are you clear about what technical skills you put on it? Of course you are. You want to make sure people know that you are perfect for your dream job. Yet, most job descriptions ask for someone with both specific technical and soft skills for a role. Whilst your technical skills will get your foot in the door, your people/soft skills are what will excel you in your career. Soft skills have proven to be the difference between adequate candidates and ideal candidates. The following soft skills are often undervalued by candidates, but are vital for people to work upon and improve.


How many times have you read a job advert and one of the top skills was communication? Even with a highly technical role, employers tend to seek someone who is a strong communicator. Why though? In any role, you will more than likely be working with a team. A team can only effectively work together when everyone is on the same page. You need to relate your ideas and progress to others. You need to be able to build relationships with others. Now we aren’t telling you to head out with everyone every night, but you must create a sense of trust, especially with managers. If they don’t trust you, then your career progression will be seriously hindered.

Decision making

Not only do you need to be able to make the decision, but you must take responsibility for that decision, even if it was the wrong one. You need to be able to take credit, or hold your hands up and take the blame. The lack of ability for decision making is all to do with the fear of the consequences.


Having the ability to work without constant supervision is a skill all managers look for. Managers don’t have the time to micromanage their employees. It is up to you to adopt a positive mindset and the initiative to carry on with work yourself. 

Team Working

Can you play well with others? If the answer is no, then I have some bad news for you, you’re going to need to learn. One of the most sought-after skills employers look for in a candidate, is their ability to work well with those around them. This could mean taking charge of a project and delegating to others, or it could be being delegated to. No matter the situation, everyone loves a good team player that will assist the meeting of deadlines.

Problem Solving

How many times have you been in an interview and ‘Tell me about a time you effectively solved a problem’ question rears its ugly head? This question isn’t referring to creative, critical or analytical skill, but refers to your ability to think about something in a cool level-headed way.

Time Management

Time management is closely related to the ability to work under pressure, as well as within tight deadlines. Employees who manage their time well can efficiently prioritise tasks and organise their diaries, while adopting an attitude which allows them to take on new tasks and deadlines.


If you combine these soft skills with your technical skills then you will become a hiring managers dream come true! If you are searching for a new job, or simply just wanting to know what opportunities are available in your area, then get in touch with one of our dedicated and talented consultants today to have a confidential chat. 

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