Over the past several years, companies across Ireland have become committed to improving their IT approach. This has led to a tremendous demand for IT talent in virtually every industry. However, Ireland continues to lack a wealth of home-grown talent that businesses can rely on for crucial IT skills. Therefore, job seekers with a variety of different IT skills from a variety of regions have found the Irish job market to be quite enticing. Below we’ll be taking a look at some of the IT skills that are in highest demand in Ireland.

Big Data: It’s on Everyone’s Mind

Businesses in all sectors, from finance to manufacturing are concerned with leveraging Big Data to their advantage. This means that there are a variety of opportunities available to those who possess a high degree of analytical skills. Companies are also looking for IT professionals who have a high degree of expertise and familiarity with servers and IT infrastructure.  

 Mobile Application Development

Ireland is no exception to the trend that has gripped the rest of the world. Mobile applications are in the eyes of many businesses, the future. The market is particularly lucrative in Ireland because there is a dearth of individuals who possess a high degree of expertise and familiarity with the native programming languages of Android and iOS development environments. Of course, there is also a need for mobile application developers who are skilled in non-native programming environments.

Web Development

Businesses throughout the country are looking for ways to maximise their online presence and require skilled Web Developers. They need people with strong HTML/CSS skills and people who have experience with Java. However, there are also many businesses that are simply looking for Web Developers who are skilled at platforms like WordPress and these opportunities are myriad.

Information Technology Security

As the role of the internet continues to expand, there is a greater need for those who have skills in Internet Security. Businesses need skilled IT technicians to secure their networks and help them with other aspects of IT security, such as digital forensics which can help businesses to identify technological threats from within and outside their businesses.

Programming Skills

The challenges that are facing 21st-century businesses, especially those in Ireland, require the work of professionals that have the skills to overcome these challenges. Therefore, many companies have a need for individuals who are skilled in various programming languages, from Python to Ruby. No matter what programming languages or environments you may be familiar with, there is sure to be a need for your skills at numerous companies in Ireland.

We Can Help You Find Your Next Career

This is simply an overview of the IT skills that are required by companies throughout Ireland. There are many other specific IT skills that Irish businesses need and Reperio specialise in placing IT professionals with these companies. If you’re having trouble finding a career opportunity that matches your particular skills set, get in touch on 01 571 3000 or email info@reperiohc.com. We can help you to find a position that maximises and rewards your IT skills. 

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