Ireland is a tremendous place to live and work. If you’ve been considering relocating to Ireland, check out this guide! 

Who Can Come to Work In Ireland?

Anyone is allowed to come to work and live in Ireland, although some will find the process easier than others. Those who live in the EU, EAA or Switzerland do not require an employment permit before coming to work in Ireland. If you are married or if you have dependents, they can also come with you without requiring an employment permit and are entitled to the same benefits as an Irish citizen.

Those who are not relocating to Ireland from the EU, EAA or Switzerland will have to obtain an employment permit. There are several different kinds of permits that can be applied for, depending on where you are coming from and what kind of work you will be doing in Ireland. The most common employment permit that a job seeker will need in Ireland is either the Critical Skills Employment Permit or the General Employment Permit. The application fee for the Critical Skills Employment Permit or a General Employment Permit that covers a period between 6 months and 1 year is 1,000 Euros. If you’re seeking a General Employment Permit for a period of 6 months or shorter, the application fee is 500 Euros. These permits can be obtained from Ireland’s Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation.

How Do I Find Work in Ireland?

It’s highly recommended that you obtain work and find accommodations before you make the trip to Ireland because this will make the relocation process much easier if everything is lined up beforehand.

One of the easiest ways to obtain employment in Ireland is to work through a recruitment agency like Reperio. We have a vast network of contacts all of whom are on the lookout for talented people. Therefore, you may wish to consider getting in touch with us before your planned relocation and we will be able to assist you in finding rewarding and lucrative employment. Of course, if you will be working outside the field of Information Technology, there are other recruitment options available.

Welcome to Ireland!

As you can see, there really isn’t anything out of the ordinary when it comes to relocating to Ireland for work! It’s actually quite easy for most people. We think that Ireland is a great place to work and there are many opportunities for people, especially in the field of Information Technology. If you’d like to learn more about what’s available in the IT market, get in touch!


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