Jobseekers who are considering using recruitment agencies often ask questions such as 'What happens when I send my CV to an agency?' and 'How does the process work?'

Therefore, we have provided you with an overview of how recruitment agencies normally work. 

Stage 1 - Job

The first stage normally begins with a job advert that you have applied to online. Once you have sent your CV, the relationship between candidate and recruitment agency begins with a confidential phone call or meeting between the recruitment consultant and candidate.  

Stage 2 - Discussion 

The initial discussion determines what exactly the candidate is looking for in their next role. You may be asked why you want to change jobs, what you enjoy most about your current role and what aspects you would like to change. Based on the information provided, the consultant will recommend relevant opportunities catered to your specific needs and send your CV to the relevant companies.  

Stage 3 - Interview

Once a client expresses an interest in speaking with you, it’s time to arrange interviews. The consultant will normally arrange interviews with the client, at an appropriate time that suits you. 

Debriefing you after each interview is also important. The consultant will want to find out what you like about the job and what you’re not sure of to ensure that you and the client are on the same page. 

Stage 4 - Negotiation 

Negotiating your own salary can be an uncomfortable conversation when sitting at the interview table, quoting a figure that is too low can limit your earning potential and quoting a figure that is too high risks losing the interviewer’s interest altogether.

Therefore, having a skilled negotiator to advise the company and fight your corner avoids this awkward discussion and gives a better chance of receiving the figure you have in mind. This is all part of the service recruitment agencies provide.

Stage 5 - Offer

If you’re happy with the offer, then it’s just a case of accepting, celebrating and taking care of the admin before you start!

Although every company is different, this will give you an overview of how recruitment agencies work in general. 

If you choose Reperio to help with your job search, our specialist recruitment consultants will work behind the scenes to explore every avenue to help you secure your next role. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a penny! If you would like help in securing your next job opportunity, give our office a call on 01 571 3000 or check out our jobs page for the roles we currently have available.   

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