Research from Indeed shows that technology companies in Ireland are struggling to hire from within the country’s talent pool.

As Irish tech companies continue to expand, the need for candidates with the right skills is accelerating at a pace that the talent pipeline can’t keep up with.

This skills shortage is inhibiting the rate of further expansion and having an impact on the ability of companies to implement new technologies.

Tech skills in most demand

Indeed reported that roles such as Software Engineers, Software Architects and Technical Support Specialists were among the most advertised roles in Ireland, but seen the least interest.

Cybersecurity has been particularly impacted by the shortage of skilled candidates. Indeed reported that in 2018, there was an 18% increase in the number of cybersecurity roles but only a 7% increase in the number of suitable candidates.

Also, Irish Tech News reported that there are not enough IT professionals with the right skills to deliver Blockchain projects in Ireland. To try to combat this skills shortage, a Master’s programme was developed as a result by Dublin City University.

This IT skills shortage has increased salaries, with an increase of 10% expected throughout 2019. In 2010, the average Software Development Manager would earn €75,000 but would now earn €120,000!

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Written by Michelle Young 


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