We asked a few of our Specialist Recruitment consultants why they think people should use recruitment agencies. They work with top companies on a daily basis and have a unique insight into the IT industry in Ireland.

Ebony - IT Contract Recruitment

The largest challenge companies face is attracting and retaining the right IT talent. Recruitment companies can help you see what your competitors are doing to win that race and help level the playing field, just because you aren’t Microsoft doesn’t mean you can’t hire the best of quality talent. 

Adam - IT Infrastructure 

We save companies huge amounts of time when they use recruitment agencies. It takes the stress of looking through CVs off their hands and allows them to get on with more pressing tasks. We do all the searching for candidates and condense it down to a small number of relevant and highly skilled candidates. All the company need to do then is interview the candidates we have chosen for them and make their decision. Otherwise (as a client has told me before) they spend hours looking through CVs to find maybe two good candidates, and they don’t pass interview so then they’ve spent a week on this and are back to square one.  

Sharon - PHP & Front End Development 

We save clients time and money and the highest calibre candidates are then presented to them. They don’t have to sift through hundreds of unqualified candidates or spend money on job boards. We minimise the chances of the wrong candidate getting selected that they might end up losing a few months later and have to start the entire process again. 

Con - C++, Embedded, Hardware & Electronic 

As specialist IT recruitment consultants, we tailor our search process to match the exact profile you need. We then handle the process of arranging interviews, gathering references, and handling the offer stage, so that you receive an efficient and tailored approach to filling your vacancy. 

Seamus - Testing/QA

Steve Jobs once said ‘it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do’. This is Reperio's approach, companies hire us so that we can tell them which of our vast pool of candidates will match who they are looking for. We can just look at a CV and know instantly that they would be perfect for your job role.


If you would like more information on recruitment agencies and why you should use them, give us a call on 01 571 3000 or email info@reperiohc.com


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