Having a properly crafted CV is an essential part of landing your dream job. Of course, your CV alone will not land you the job, but it will help you to get your foot in the door.

Therefore, it’s important that you attend to your CV with the same level of care and attention that you would for any other part of the job seeking process. To help you make sure that your CV is everything that it should be, we thought we’d offer some basic tips for you to keep in mind.

You’re a Person of Action; Show It in Your Resume

In your resume, you should list your previous responsibilities and emphasise the action involved. 

Your Education Isn’t the Most Important Aspect Of Your CV

Although it is important to highlight your education on your CV, your professional experience is more important. Therefore you should make sure that your professional experience is at the forefront of your CV and your education is still included, but not as much of an emphasis placed on this section. 

Did You Check Your Spelling?

When it comes to your CV, the average employer only spends an average of 6 seconds reading it. Therefore, it is essential that there are no grammar or spelling mistakes included. 

Target Your CV to the Job You’re Applying For

If you have found a position that is a good match for your skills, it may be a good idea to update your CV to suit the job. This shows the employer that you are not sending a general CV out in the hope of an interview. It shows that you are actually interested in the job you have applied for and have read the job description. 

Don't Use Templates

Hiring managers will see hundreds of CV's when recruiting for a particular role. Therefore they will be able to easily identify a template. Why not stand out from the crowd and design your own layout from scratch. 

We’re Here to Help

If you’re looking for a job in the IT field, we can help! Whether it is improving your CV or finding your next role in Ireland, get in touch with our specialist recruitment consultants on 01 571 3000 or email info@reperiohc.com


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