The idea of ‘company culture’ has become a crucial aspect of the job searching process. For millennials, it has become as important as wages. Therefore, companies are turning to social media to put a face to the big brand names and show the world what life is like behind the scenes.
Having a properly crafted CV is an essential part of landing your dream job. Of course, your CV alone will not land you the job, but it will help you to get your foot in the door. Therefore, it’s important that you attend to your CV with the same level of care and attention that you would for any other part of the job seeking process. To help you make sure that your CV is everything that it should be, we thought we’d offer some basic tips for you to keep in mind.
Contract employees provide flexibility to a workforce. For example, if a project goes on hold or is less cumbersome than expected, you can simply reduce your workforce and you will no longer have to pay for this member of staff. On the other hand, if you suddenly require more employees for a big project, you can hire these employees on short notice and without the lengthy requirements of the permanent recruitment process.