Why Belfast?  Belfast has experienced significant growth over the last decade. It is estimated that there are 339,579 people currently living in the city, with an average median wage of £25,999. Belfast has a young population with 18.6% of the population being under 15 and 41.6% being under 30 years old.  Between 2014 and 2016, 215,100 business visitors made overnight business trips to Belfast. On average, 77 conferences are held in Belfast, representing an economic benefit of £42 million to the city region.
Jobseekers who are considering using recruitment agencies often ask questions such as 'What happens when I send my CV to an agency?' and 'How does the process work?' Therefore, we have provided an overview of how recruitment agencies normally work.
I always enjoyed chatting with people and wanted to continue this as a career. I started researching the role of a recruitment consultant and soon found that it was heavily focused on sales and building relationships with job-seekers and companies. I was immediately motivated by the financial and career opportunities within the market. I wanted to join a small company where I could grow and become an integral part of the team. After researching the market and finding that Reperio offered this opportunity, I applied immediately and did everything I could to show I was ready for the challenging work of a consultant.