Cloud computing is critical for digital transformation and it is estimated that the digital economy will reach £78 trillion by 2025. Given that business initiatives such as the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, advanced analytics, blockchain, and servitization are all reliant on the cloud, businesses are starting to recognise how important Cloud Computing skills are for success. However, there is a lack of skilled cloud professionals because this is a relatively new technology and people are not educated on the changes that are occurring within the Cloud.
1. Research Find out what companies are attending and research their websites. Check what they do, what their values are and the culture of the company. It can sometimes be hard to judge the culture of a company from their website alone, so check if they have a social media account to get a better insight. 2. Make a list of Questions
You've been working the same job, in the same industry for the last few years, but you feel like it is now time for a change. Maybe you are looking for something more fulfilling, more flexible or maybe you just want to mix things up. You find the perfect IT role, however, you will have to take a pay cut if you accept, what do you do?