We live in a connected world, banking, shopping and communication are all online and only a click away. There is no denying the current reach of technology, with major cities around the world rolling out free WIFI in their City Centres. It makes our lives easier and streamlines tasks that were once tedious and time-consuming.
‘Work-life balance’ may sound like something from a fairy tale. That mythical idea that you always hear about but never seem to be able to achieve. However, if you want balance you have to force yourself to do it because it isn’t something that happens on its own. A good work/life balance is possible and of incredible benefit, both professionally and personally.
In 1995, the Java language project was released to the world, being born in the minds of James Gosling, Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton. Development originally began in 1991 and Java was created using 5 main principles: