A recurring problem that we are hearing from our clients at the moment is that they are finding it difficult to keep their teams motivated now that everyone is working remotely. At the beginning of lockdown, a lot of workplaces experienced an increase in productivity, probably due to the novelty of working from home. However, many workplaces are now beginning to see this spike in productivity start to decline. So how can you keep your team motivated?
As the spread of coronavirus continues throughout the world, the number of companies who are now working remotely has increased substantially. As a result, the use of video conferencing platforms has also increased to allow colleagues to communicate and conduct virtual meetings. It is important that companies choose the most suitable video conferencing platform for their needs so that they can communicate efficiently.
With all the extra time we have on our hands during lockdown, now provides the perfect opportunity to upskill and add to your CV. There is an abundance of websites and universities that are offering paid and free online certifications, courses and training, particularly in Information Technology.