I had been out of university about a year and was working aimlessly in a retail job trying to figure out my life. After speaking to a friend who was working in recruitment, I started doing some research into the industry and the role of a 360 consultant. I went to a few interviews with various agencies and felt like this could be the right path for me, but it wasn’t until I found Reperio and spoke with the team that I knew for certain this is what I wanted to do. After several interviews, I proved I was ready for the opportunity and started a few weeks later.
Elon Musk recently reiterated his warnings about the dangers faced by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Speaking at the South by South West (SXSW) festival in Austin Texas, he reaffirmed his belief that the only way humanity can possibly survive is by making the bold move of colonising Mars. He explained that this was due to the impending danger of the next world war, believing that the consequent destruction would not be resulting from nuclear weapons, but AI.
According to the TIOBE index, C has grown the most in popularity, proving that sometimes the old ones are the best. The TIOBE index, not to be taken as gospel, reflect changes in the current interest in languages. According to the index, the C language gained 1.69% in 2017 and has remained in 2nd place behind Java, but above runners-up Python (1.21% growth) and Erlang (0.98%).