The world first heard about Artificial Intelligence in 1955 when AI luminary, John McCarthy, coined the term in Dartmouth. He wanted to explore ways of how to make a machine that could reason like a human, was capable of abstract thought, problem-solving and self-improvement. Fast forward to 2018, AI is a term that is well documented and is impacting industries across the globe.
If you have been reading up on the current digital trends, there is no doubt that Internet of Things (IoT) has featured heavily. In the coming years, it will make a dramatic difference to the day-to-day lives of even the most technologically inept individual. 
Well done! You did it, all your hard work has finally paid off! Between the phone calls, interviews, and tech tests, you are ready to begin your new dream job. We know that it can be a scary time, full of uncertainty for the first few weeks while you find your feet. However, we are here to help! Reperio has compiled a few simple tips to help you succeed in the first few months of your new job.