Redundancy: How to Get Back on Track

Dealing with redundancy can be a real struggle. You may become stressed and feel demotivated. However, there are ways to pick yourself back up again and work towards getting back on track.

Take care of yourself

Losing your job can be stressful and not knowing what lies ahead can be daunting for many people. It is so important to take care of yourself – both emotionally and physically. Emotionally, it is important to stay resilient. Redundancy is just a bump in the road, and life is leading you down a new path. Being made redundant does not reflect on your hard-work or your time as an employee, it is out of your control. Try taking up a new hobby or learn some new self-care practices such as Pilates, Meditation or Yoga to help manage stress levels.

Take time to process 

Take some time to process the redundancy and process your emotions. Being made redundant can leave you feeling lost, anxious, helpless and stressed. Process these emotions and understand that it is natural to feel this way. Losing a job can be a shock, especially if it came out of the blue. Take some time to do things that you enjoy such as meeting up with friends. This will help take your mind off the difficulties and put extra focus on your mental health.


Create a budget that will get the most out of your financial situation. Access your current finances and make a note of all the outgoings from your account. By taking the time to do this, you will be able to manage your finances better and find effective ways to cut costs when looking for a new role.

Learn new skills

Now that you have the time to spare, you should spend it upskilling by taking courses or workshops to develop new skills or build on your existing skills. There are many online courses that you can take to build your knowledge and expand your skillset – use them to your advantage. This will look good to employers, showcasing that even through redundancy, you are hard-working, motivated and eager to learn and grow.

Update your CV/Resume

Once you are ready to start your job search again, begin to update your CV/Resume to reflect your most recent experience and skillset. This should contain any roles/responsibilities from your previous job and any courses/certifications you have gained. 

Next steps…

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Written by Emma Mitchell