Taoiseach Announces a Possible Return to the Workplace in August

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said in a recent interview that some workers may be able to return to the office by the end of August.

The Taoiseach stated that there is currently a plan in place for a phased return to offices from September, provided the vaccine continues to be rolled out and the virus remains under control. However, there is a possibility this could happen in August, with the easing of restrictions and the opening up of the economy happening earlier than originally predicted. "As you have seen all along the way, we were able to do things in June that we didn't signal we would do a month earlier. I think by the end of this month we might be able to do more than we signalled for August and that could mean the return of some workers to offices by the end of August."

How will the workplace change after Covid-19?

The Taoiseach acknowledged that young people, who were recruited last year (in the middle of the pandemic) have still not had the opportunity to go into the office. He stated that they should get the office experience as soon as possible, and a blended experience of remote and office working would be worthwhile.

Returning to the workplace checklist

Further decisions on easing restrictions in July and August will be taken by the Government at the end of the month. These decisions will be informed by public health advice and will proceed on a step by step basis.

Written by Michelle Young