Programming Languages

As we begin 2023, it is difficult to predict which programming languages will be the most popular in Ireland. However, based on current trends and industry developments, we can make some educated guesses.


This versatile, high-level programming language is widely used in a variety of fields, from web development to Data Science and Machine Learning. Its simplicity and ease of use make it a great choice for beginners, while its powerful libraries and frameworks make it also appealing to experienced developers.


JavaScript is the language of the web and is used to create interactive and dynamic user interfaces. With the increasing importance of web development and the rise of technologies like React and Angular, JavaScript is a crucial skill for any developer looking to stay competitive in the Irish job market.


Java is another language that is likely to remain popular in Ireland. It is widely used in enterprise applications and is the primary language for Android app development. It is also used in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applications.


C# is primarily used for developing Windows applications and games, but is also used for developing web and mobile applications. It is likely that this language will be in high demand in Ireland in 2023.

Rust & Go

In addition to these more established languages, we might also see an increase in the popularity of newer languages like Rust and Go. Rust is a systems programming language that is designed to be safe and concurrent, while Go is a popular choice for building scalable network services.

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Written by Michelle Young