Why Should You Pick Your Next Tech Role in Ireland?

With Corporation Tax currently sitting at 12.5%, it’s no surprise that Ireland is booming with technology companies. However, there is more to choosing Ireland than to simply avail of the current low corporate tax rates. With opportunities at every doorstep, why should you pick your next tech role in Ireland?

Why should you pick your next tech role in Ireland?

Since IBM set up in 1956, the IT Industry kept coming. With over 1,200 global tech businesses setting up in Ireland, soon came the introduction of Silicon Docks in Dublin (the European alternative to the Silicon Valley, San Francisco). With IT industry powerhouses including Facebook, Twitter and Google settling into the European Hub, the docklands do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Feeling hopeless during Covid-19? Not here. There are plenty of opportunities to up-skill, providing opportunities to excel yourself into an IT role. Using educational initiatives including Springboard, eCollege, AWS Re/Start, StepIn2Tech, Google Digital Garage and FutureLearn, you can build on skills that will take you far in the tech industry.

With 9 out of 10 global software companies currently based in Ireland (smartmbs.ie), there continues to be a growing urgency for tech roles. With IT skills in high demand, IT knowledge and experience will always be valued. There are plenty of Tech Industry companies to choose from, with differing ways of working due to COVID-19. Develop your language skills, explore the country, and with European destinations just an hour away via plane, there is no shortage of opportunities waiting for you.

With an average of 7,500+ IT jobs predicted to open every year, there is no stopping the IT boom in Ireland. With thriving IT businesses, the youngest population in Europe, and plenty of opportunities to become a professional in the field, there is no sign of the IT sector slowing in Ireland. Why not join? Take a look at our current openings, or alternatively get in touch with one of our team.

Written By: Emma Mitchell