We at Reperio Human Capital are global providers of Recruitment Services.  We recruit across permanent and contract requirements and have access to an extensive pool of professionals actively seeking a new role.  We harness the latest technologies within candidate acquisition as well as the usual advertising channels to source those candidates whom our competitors have trouble finding!

We base our business on the ethos of quality, understanding requirements and providing strategic market and real business knowledge which sets us apart from our competitors. Each of our consultants works a specific IT market, meaning that they are always the first to know about emerging technologies and any shifts in the job market in Ireland. We have a team of around 20 people and we are still hiring. With the tech market in Ireland booming, we are too.

By applying our industry expertise to the specific requirements of each client we can respond to your particular recruitment needs, harnessing our knowledge and networks to deliver a precise response.

This means that we ensure maximised speed of placement, a streamlined process and minimised costs through our proven best practice processes, procedures and innovative solutions.


But, how are we different?


We’re a bespoke service. Many consultancies work in different sectors. Not us though. We work specifically in the IT sector which means, it’s in our interest to be up to date with any industry specific changes. Many of our blog posts address these changes and give advice to job seekers about how they can adapt to the market.

  One thing we think makes us different is the fact that the majority of our team have been here since the beginning. Recruitment is normally like a revolving door, but here, our consultants stay with us and see a future working with us. Many of our clients and candidates have been working with the same consultant for most of their career, meaning that they are in the unique position of knowing exactly what their needs are and exactly how to deliver them.

We specialise within:

Software Development
IT Infrastructure
Senior Appointments


JOIN US! - We are expanding in 2018 and have some impressive plans! So if you think you’d do well in a sales driven role in recruitment or you’re a seasoned recruiter looking for the next challenge, contact careers@reperiohc.com to find out more.