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Our consultants know their stuff. Whether you are a Java Developer, Linux Engineer or Project Manager - you can be confident that the Reperio consultant you work with will know this market inside out. We will advise on who is recruiting, who is not recruiting, salary expectations, new emerging technologies and how your skills fit in.

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Should you be actively on the market, just curious at what is on offer or want to be kept informed of any news roles registered with us - send us your CV and one of our specialist consultants will call to discuss.

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  • I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Reperio, they really hit the ground running in difficult circumstances and would have no problem working with or recommending Reperio to anyone.
    Extremely professional, thorough, polite and they know their business, both from a people perspective and technically

    Senior Compliance and Privacy Specialist placed August 2016
  • I cannot praise enough the guys at Reperio Human Capital. Helping me find this job has literally changed my life and set me up for what I can see as a positive future career path.

    Java Software Developer
  • I'm really happy with the service that Reperio Human Capital provides - most definitely the best agency I've dealt with in over 10 years of Programming. I received excellent resources before my interview, and helpful, handy advice before I started the role.

    Contractor, Software Development