On the lookout for your next job opportunity but never used a recruitment agency before?

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions and debunk the most common misconceptions associated with recruitment agencies.

What do recruitment agencies do?

Recruitment agencies work with companies (clients) who are currently hiring, to help find them candidates to fill these vacancies.

Recruitment Consultants also work directly with candidates to help them find their ideal position, however this process may take longer.

How do they work?

Recruitment agencies help both clients and candidates. Clients need help filling job vacancies and candidates need help securing a new role.

Reperio have created a blog post explaining exactly how recruitment agencies work and what happens at each stage of the process, from initial discussion right through to job offer.

Why should job seekers use a recruitment agency?

  • Saves time and work - Recruitment Consultants know exactly which companies are hiring and which roles match a candidate's skill set and criteria. Therefore, this saves the candidate time and effort searching job boards for suitable opportunities.
    • Recruiters provide assistance with CV and interview preparation – Recruitment Consultants usually offer some advice on a candidate’s CV to make sure that it looks professional and contains all the necessary information. They will also provide interview tips to make sure the candidate is as prepared as possible.
    • Recruiters know exactly what companies are looking for – Recruitment Consultants spend a lot of time building up relationships with hiring managers. Therefore, they know exactly what each company is looking for and what candidates can expect if they join.
    • Quicker process than applying directly – Recruitment agencies will normally agree feedback timeframes in advance with clients. Also, Recruitment Consultants will follow up on applications to ensure that everything moves swiftly.

    How much does it cost to use a recruitment agency?

    It is totally free for candidates. Recruitment agencies are paid a fee by the company that the candidate joins.

    Will getting a job through a recruitment agency negatively affect my salary?

    No, a candidate’s salary is not affected by working with a Recruitment Agency. Their fee is a separate entity to the salary received and is negotiated at the time that the Recruitment Consultant begins to work on filling a vacancy.

    Recruitment Consultants will negotiate salaries on the candidate's behalf, trying to get them the best figure possible. Therefore, working with recruitment agencies may have a positive impact on candidates salaries.

    How can Reperio help me?

    Reperio Human Capital are specialists in IT Recruitment. We specialise in placing contract and permanent candidates in areas of the IT market such as Software Development, IT Infrastructure, Senior Appointments, Database & Analytics and Cyber Security, Audit & Risk. 

    Each Recruitment Consultant is an industry expert – they spend up to 10 hours per day getting to know their market, finding out which companies are hiring and what exactly they are looking for. They will also know about jobs that are not advertised publicly and what salary you should expect for the experience you have.

    Therefore, if you are currently seeking your next opportunity in Ireland or North Carolina, Reperio can help you! Just visit our jobs page or give us a call on +353 1 571 3000 (Dublin) or +1 919 578 4800 (North Carolina).

    Written by Michelle Young 


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