A good work-life balance is extremely beneficial for both employees and employers, resulting in increased productivity and less absenteeism/sickness. In a survey conducted by TechBeat in association with Auxilion, 93% said work-life balance is their main conisderation when accepting a job offer. 

However, in reality, achieving a work-life balance may seem unrealistic, given the 'always-on' culture and long working hours. Here are some simple ways to help achieve a better work-life balance: 

1. Unplug

If you are sending and replying to emails all day in work, you shouldn't have to do this when you get home. Take a look at the example that France is setting. In 2017, employers were banned from sending emails to employees after 7pm. Similarly, Ireland implemented the right to disconnect from work from 1st April 2021. Both of these intiatives were implemented to give both employers and employees the chance to unplug and unwind outside of office hours.  

2. Plan

If you plan your day and be realistic about what you want to achieve, you will not have to work on tasks outside of office hours and therefore achieve a better work-life balance. 

3. Exercise

A study conducted in a workplace setting revealed that there was a 72% improvement in time management and workload completed on the days that employees exercised. Therefore, a brisk walk at lunctime may help you to be productive during working hours, helping to achieve a work-life balance in the long term. 

4. Set time aside for family & friends 

This could be something as simple as sitting down with your family and friends for dinner. Doing something outside of the work environment will help to make you feel you are achieving a better work-life balance and making good use of your free time.