Typing on keyboard with Christmas Decorations

Stepping back into the office after annual leave during the festive period can be overwhelming. In this blog, we’ll offer some tips and tricks to help you have a smooth and stress-free return to work this January to hit the ground running in 2024!

1. Planning Ahead

A successful return to work begins before you even step back into the office. As your annual leave comes to an end, take some time to review your calendar and tasks for the upcoming week. Make a to-do list, prioritise tasks, and identify any urgent matters that need your immediate attention.

This proactive approach will help you mentally prepare and set the tone for your first day back.

2. Give Yourself A Buffer Day

Consider scheduling your return to work a day after you arrive back home. This buffer day allows you to unpack, settle in, and mentally transition from holiday mode to work mode.

It's a small adjustment that can make a big difference in how you feel when you step into the office.

3. Tackling Emails Strategically

The dreaded email inbox can quickly become overwhelming after being away. Start by scanning through your emails to identify urgent matters.

Create folders or labels to sort emails based on priority. Respond to critical emails first, and gradually work through the rest.

Remember, you don't need to reply to everything immediately – set realistic expectations for response times.

4. Catch Up On Updates

Whether it's project progress, team updates, or company news, take time to catch up on what you missed during your absence.

Schedule brief catch-up meetings with colleagues or team members to ensure you're up to speed.

This proactive approach shows your commitment to staying informed and engaged.

5. Ease into Tasks Gradually

Avoid overwhelming yourself by diving headfirst into heavy tasks on your first day back. Start with lighter tasks that allow you to ease into work mode and regain your rhythm.

As the days progress, gradually transition to more complex tasks. This approach will help prevent burnout and maintain your productivity.

6. Practice Self-Care

Transitioning from a relaxing vacation to a bustling work environment can be a shock to your system. Prioritise self-care during this time – get enough sleep, maintain a balanced diet, and find moments to recharge throughout the day.

Remember, your well-being directly impacts your productivity and effectiveness at work.

7. Reflect & Set Goals

Returning to work is a great time to reflect on your goals and aspirations. Use this transition to set new targets, both big and small. Consider what you want to achieve in the coming weeks and months.

Having a clear sense of purpose will invigorate your motivation and drive your actions.


Written by Elise Ralph