Graduate Career

You have just finished university, received your degree and are eager to begin professional work-life. However, with so many different career paths to choose from, it can be a difficult decision to make. If you have been considering a career in recruitment, here are some of the reasons why it might be the right career path to choose.

1. Financial Benefits

Graduates who have just finished university often find themselves in debt, with overdrafts and loans to pay off. Recruitment is the perfect opportunity for these individuals because of the earning potential this industry provides.  

In Belfast, our Trainee Recruitment Consultants receive a base salary of £24,000, as well as our uncapped commission scheme. In the first year, Recruitment Consultants are expected to earn OTE £35-45k and £45+ after 2 years.

2. Fun Environment

If you are not ready to give up the fun student lifestyle, a career in recruitment might be for you! Here at Reperio, there are performance-related incentives such as lunch clubs and holiday targets. Our team is given the opportunity to attend some of the best restaurants and travel to destinations such as Miami, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Oktoberfest in Munich, just to name a few!

3. No Specific Degree Required

Our job specification does not require any specific type of degree to be accepted for a job in recruitment. Our Recruitment Consultants have come from a variety of backgrounds, such as Business, Accounting and Marketing. In the recruitment industry, it is more important whether you have previous sales experience and if you would be the right fit for the job e.g. resilience, drive to succeed and financial motivation.

4. Autonomy

In recruitment, there is no micromanagement. You are given full autonomy to decide the best way to structure your day – exactly like university. However, management and colleagues are available to offer support and guidance when required. Also, an in-depth training programme is provided so that Recruitment Consultants are equipped with the tools and knowledge to become successful.

5. Challenging

Recruitment is renowned for being a challenging environment. For example, you will get the thrill of getting your candidate an interview, only to fall at the first hurdle with the news that they are not proceeding. Or the candidate has completed the interview stage only to accept a counteroffer from their existing employer. However, if you enjoy solving problems and are resilient, you will thrive in this challenging environment.

6. Variety

In recruitment, no two days are the same and there is variety in the tasks carried out. For example, you could be calling candidates and clients, writing job adverts, scheduling interviews, negotiating salaries, looking through applications and taking part in training.

7. Develop Core Skills

As well as the variety of tasks carried out in recruitment, you will also be developing soft skills. Some examples of these skills include communication (written and verbal), time management, negotiation, problem-solving, networking and relationship building.

If you have recently graduated and are not sure what to do next, why not give recruitment a go? Send your CV to careers@reperiohc.com.

Written by Michelle Corry