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Graduating from University brings a mix of excitement and uncertainty as you contemplate the next steps in your professional journey.

If you're exploring career options after graduation and wondering if recruitment might be a good fit, you're in the right place

Our consultants have studied a wide range of different degrees from HR and Marketing to Law and Philosophy. They have shared their stories about how they got into recruitment after university and what made their degrees suited to a career in recruitment.


Ellen Winder - Chemistry with Spanish at Queen's University Belfast

"I studied Chemistry with Spanish at Queen's University and throughout my degree, I had always worked in part-time sales roles. The thought of working in a lab or going into research post-graduation never really interested me, so I began to look into a career in recruitment.

I was interested in an opportunity where I could apply my background in sales and bring some of the transferrable skills that can be picked up whilst studying (organisation, time management, adaptability and staying resilient when things don't go as planned are just a few). 

I'm 1 year into my recruitment journey with Reperio so far and have no regrets. It's been a very fast-paced year with lots of learning opportunities and I'm looking forward to continue building relationships with my candidates and clients in the DevOps, Cloud & Infrastructure space in Ireland"

(Written by Ellen Winder, DevOps Recruitment Consultant)


Rachel Miskimmin - Human Resource Management and Marketing at Ulster University

"I studied for a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management and Marketing at the University of Ulster, with the intention of hopefully moving into HR as a career. During my studies, I worked part-time in sales and thrived in the fast-paced environment, engaging and helping people, whilst my competitive nature loved having targets to hit. 

Once I had finished my studies, I knew I wanted to put my degree to use and saw a role for a Recruitment Consultant, thinking it sounded like the perfect blend of sales and HR, I applied. However, I naively thought it was more of an HR role at first until the interviewer quickly pointed out that it was in fact a sales role, so I thought I would give it a go in the meantime anyway, thinking that the experience would help my people and communication skills. 

You could say that my interest in HR and management certainly led me into recruitment, however, I believe it's my love of sales and helping people that has kept me in the industry for over 7 years."

(Written by Rachel Miskimmin, Senior Testing Recruitment Consultant)


Oscar Jameson - Law, Politics and Philosophy at Kings College London

"When I started University, I didn’t know anything about Recruitment as a career path and fully expected that after completing my degree I would pursue a career in Criminal Law. However, having worked a few sales roles in various industries between University semesters, I realised that my earning potential was much higher in incentive-based employment and I really enjoyed the competitive nature of these environments, and the fact that what you get out of these roles is what you put in. 

There are extra costs associated with pursuing a career in Law because of the post-graduate courses that need to be undertaken to qualify, and the starting salaries in Criminal Law are not nearly as strong as you might expect. So, on the advice of a few close friends and family, I thought I’d try my hand at Recruitment.

 I was amazed by the earning potential that was on offer and loved the fact that unlike in other sales roles, Recruitment is a career in which you can really feel like you are helping people and making a difference in their lives - either by finding them their dream job or finding a client an employee that can make a huge difference to the prospects of their business. 

Recruitment is a great option for anyone with a Law degree; your skills of persuasion, your ability to ask good questions and how well you can navigate ambiguity are tested every day and if you have a good work ethic it can be incredibly rewarding financially, beyond even what Lawyers can achieve in commercial roles."

(Written by Oscar Jameson, Senior C#.NET Recruitment Consultant)


Michael Finch - Sports Science at Ulster University

"I studied Sports Science at University with the aim to secure a career in the Sporting realm but after working for the Irish Football Association I realised that I wanted a role with more control on my earning potential from the get-go. This led me to Tech Recruitment where I found that a lot of the principles that led to success in University and the workplace in general, also led to success in the Recruitment space. 

Hard work, solid organisation, and a willingness to grow your knowledge base and skillset daily are more important than a degree in a specific subject. If you can utilise these skills you will find a career in recruitment very rewarding and also very lucrative."

(Written By Michael Finch, Java & Senior Managers Recruitment Consultant, Belfast)


Jamie McCaul - Accounting with Taxation at Ulster University

"After finishing studying Accounting with Taxation at University, I became interested in the sales aspect of recruitment.

Having come from a sales background in my previous roles, I decided I wanted to continue down that path.

Recruitment seemed the most lucrative way to do it. As a consultant, you are given a large amount of responsibility with your desk being treated like your own business, which is something I was very interested in after graduating!"

(Written by Jamie McCaul, IT Support Recruitment Consultant)


If you have recently graduated from university and think a career in recruitment would be a good fit for you, reach out to one of our internal talent acquisition team, Darcy or Tara, to discuss opportunities within Reperio!

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