Studies have shown that the average time recruiters will spend looking at your CV is 6 seconds. To ensure you make the most of these crucial seconds, we at Reperio have put together our top tips for writing a professional CV that will get noticed. 

Continuously Update

Whether you are ready to apply for a new job or not, you should continuously update your CV with any new skills, responsibilities and training carried out. The benefits of doing this is that pertinent details will be fresh in your mind at the time of writing and if a job comes up, you can apply to it immediately ahead of other candidates.   

Simple Format

You should ensure that your CV has a simple format that is easy to read and no more than two pages in length. Text should be broken up with bullet points and the key information should be clearly visible. Recruiters will focus on your current/most recent role therefore you should provide the most detail about this role.  

Interpersonal Skills

Strong technical (hard) skills are essential for any IT position, however, HR representatives are increasingly placing an emphasis on interpersonal (soft) skills. Adding strong interpersonal skills to your CV will help you stand out and give you a competitive advantage.

One of the most important interpersonal skills is communication. An article published on LinkedIn Talent Insights stated that there’s a great demand for workers who know how to communicate and work across multiple teams and functions.

Explain any Gaps

Leaving unexplained gaps in your CV will automatically raise red flags for recruiters. If there was a period of time you were out of work, explain what you did in this timeframe e.g. travelling, volunteering or education.

Tell the Truth 

Telling lies on your CV will make you come across untrustworthy and can become obvious when recruiters check your background, references or in the interview stage when questions are asked. Honestly really is the best policy!


A CV that is full of errors shows a lack of professionalism and a lack of care. Some recruiters may not even consider your CV if it is full of spelling mistakes/errors.

Also, make sure that your contact details are included and correct because this will be the only way recruiters can get in touch with you.

If you would like more tips for writing your CV or would like help to find your next IT role, give us a call on +353 1 571 3000 or email info@reperiohc.com

Written by Michelle Young 


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