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It is no secret that job hunting can be an overwhelming process, so we’ve enlisted the expertise of Daniel Brown, one of our Specialist Recruitment Consultants at Reperio, to help your life as a job seeker a little bit easier. 

According to new LinkedIn research, 73% of Irish workers are considering changing jobs in 2024. Daniel has provided his best insider tips for job hunting this year, from building relationships with recruiters to crafting a CV that stands out. Take a read to find out more!


Staying in Contact & Building Relationships with Recruiters

It’s always useful to be in touch with Recruiters. First and foremost, for the main reason that it's their job to find you a role that’s a good fit.  

While not being technical, recruiters do tend to immerse themselves in the technical areas that they specialise in. This knowledge through speaking to both candidates and companies allows them to get more of a full picture of what is trending in the market and obtain good insight. 

Sometimes as a job seeker, with the mass amounts of job descriptions and different companies to apply to, it can be difficult to figure out where your profile is best applied. A recruiter will be aware of what skills of yours are the most marketable and be able to either point you in the right direction or guide you through it. If there aren’t obvious options at the time, recruiters should stay in touch and if anything comes up, they will reach out again to discuss opportunities.

Another great reason to work with recruiters is that they are most likely aware of when and which companies are hiring, even if it isn’t advertised. I have successfully worked with many companies that haven’t advertised anywhere about the position. This means that you can get a better reach with your CV and get it in front of companies that you maybe haven’t seen before. 

Not to mention, recruiters have great relationships with managers that will save you time, as the recruiter is being able to go directly to them. Without a recruiter, you would have to go through the entire application process yourself.

The recruiters at Reperio are keen to prep you through processes to ensure the outcome is the best for all parties. Interview and application prep can sometimes be very overwhelming and scary for job seekers, especially with the more recent changes. With remote interviews and a more casual approach in the tech industry, it can be confusing in parts such as interview attire and areas of focus. Recruiters will go over this with you ensuring that you are well prepared.  


Candidate Profiles & Skill Sets

I find that when speaking to people, they like to move forward with their whole skill set. For example, if they have experience with a couple of software languages, sometimes they aim for both when applying for roles. While this can be good to have that variety in skillset, the advice that I give is that if there is a language or skill you are strongest at, focus on that at the start. This means you are putting your best foot forward and ensuring that you are matching your best skill with a role that’s the best fit. 

If you focus on a skill you have but aren’t as strong with, the chances are there is someone else going for that role who is much stronger at it.  


CV Tips

Advice for CVs is simple. Keep it to the point, easy to read and clean. There are many templates out there that can support this but there are some dos and don’ts to remember.

  • Ensure that each position in your CV has a good paragraph on your responsibilities, tasks and skills learnt in that role
  • Keep it to the point - if you have lots of experience it can sometimes be difficult, but a few pages should be enough to appropriately get across your talents
  • I would also recommend including a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Pictures/selfies are not necessary


Remember Your Network

Not specifically with recruiters, but many people forget that they have built a good network of connections throughout their careers. 

Don’t be scared to reach out and ask for advice. Or perhaps you have an old mentor who is an experienced job seeker who can point you in the right direction.

Again, Recruiters can offer unbiased recommendations but I’m aware that sometimes people prefer to navigate their job search on their own! 


I specialise in C++ & Embedded Systems Recruitment. If you are looking for opportunities in this area in 2024, or are just looking for some advice throughout the job-hunting process, don't hesitate to reach out for a chat!

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(Written by Daniel Brown)