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Our Talent Acquisition Manager Darcy has shared with us the essential skills she seeks when hiring new consultants to join our team! Contemplating a career in recruitment? Dive in to discover if you possess the sought-after skills we're looking for...

What does a Recruitment Consultant do at Reperio?

As a Recruitment Consultant at Reperio Human Capital, you’ll be responsible for managing your own niche market, within the rapidly growing technology industry in Ireland (if you’re based in Belfast), or the USA (if you’re based in either of our US offices).

Your responsibilities will include sourcing suitable candidates for your client’s vacancies, advertising and marketing, business development, building relationships, contract negotiation and handling the offer process.

What Skills Should a Recruiter have?

To become a successful recruiter, you must be resilient, confident, and ambitious. Financial motivation is also crucial. If you’re driven by rewards like commissions, bonuses or other incentives, you’ll be motivated to put in the effort to achieve success!

Some of the main skills that we look for when hiring a Recruitment Consultant includes:

1. Communication 

A recruiter must have strong communication skills to be able to engage with both clients and candidates, build relationships, and manage expectations.

2. Relationship-Building 

As a recruiter, you will be responsible for networking with clients and IT professionals seeking employment. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to foster lasting relationships and establish strong partnerships.

3. Negotiating 

Regularly negotiating salaries is a large part of a recruiter’s job. Confidence in negotiating terms is vital to ensure a successful outcome for both parties involved.

4. Organisation

Will they be able to juggle multiple projects/jobs at one time? It’s important to have good organisational and time management skills to stay on top of your workload and meet client deadlines.

5. Self-Motivation

Recruitment can be challenging, so you must be able to stay focused – persistence pays off.


If this sounds like the job for you, contact;

Belfast office - Darcy Lorimer  

📧 d.lorimer@reperiohc.com

📞 +353 (0)1 553 9516

🔗 Darcy Lorimer | LinkedIn


USA offices - Tara Gluntz 

📧 t.gluntz@reperiohc.com 

📞 813-902-2092 

🔗 Tara Gluntz | LinkedIn


Written by Darcy Lorimer