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    Remote team

    How to Manage a Remote Team

    In preparation for remote work, one of the first things that companies will look at is how they are going to adjust from a technology perspective. For example, management will check if employees have all the necessary equipment and tools to carry out their work (computers, monitors, laptops, software etc). However, when focusing on the technology perspective, the ‘people perspective’ often gets neglected and this is just as important. Managing remote teams requires a different approach to managing teams in an office environment. As a result, we have put together some tips on how to manage a remote team.
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    Tech Advancements to Expect in 2020

    There was significant hype surrounding the fifth generation of wireless in 2019, and it has been described as the greatest wave of innovation since the creation of the internet. In 2020, 5G is predicted to become more widely used and bring with it the advancement in cloud computing in the form of edge computing, the mainstream use of IoT devices in smart cities and autonomous vehicles, and 10 times higher internet speeds compared to 4G.
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    Cyber Security

    Tips for Staying Safe Online

    Almost one-fifth of organisations in Ireland have reported at least one technology-related security incident in the last 12 months. According to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), these attacks can have significant consequences, with 5% reporting that it resulted in the destruction or corruption of data and almost 3% reporting that it resulted in the disclosure of confidential data.