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    How to write a cover letter

    How to Write a Cover Letter

    If you are starting your job search in 2021, getting your cover letter right is just as important as perfecting your CV. Cover letters provide candidates the opportunity to distinguish themselves and is normally the first thing that a hiring manager will look at when considering a candidate. Although writing cover letters can seem daunting at first, we have put together our top tips for writing cover letters and how to tailor them to each job that you apply for.
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    Imposter Syndrome

    How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

    According to research, it is estimated that around 70% of adults will experience imposter syndrome at least once in their lifetime. The term ‘imposter syndrome’ was first used in the 1970’s by psychologists Suzanna Imes and Pauline Clance. It was originally thought to only apply to high achieving women, but it is now recognised as more widely experienced by both men and women, regardless of their social status, work background or skill level.
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    Big Data

    Data Science vs Data Analytics

    The amount of data in the world is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Therefore the fields of Data Science and Analytics is becoming increasingly important. However, it can be difficult to distinguish between the terms Data Science and Data Analytics. Despite the two being interconnected and both working with Big Data, they provide different results and pursue different approaches.